Fran et Jim
Fran Lejeune and
Jean-Michel Rolland



Fran and Jim are two digital artists based in Marseille, France.
They produce video art, generative art, interactive installations and performances, as well as interactive multimedia books.

designs interactive installations and performances, as well as video art.

works in the different fields of digital arts.

News :
February 29 - March 1st : screenings at Commiserate, University MADD center in Chicago (USA)
March 15 : screening at Musée des Abattoirs, Traverse Vidéo in Toulouse (France)
April 14 to 18 : screening at Experiments in Cinema in Albuquerque (USA) - postponed
April 17 to 19 : screening at Over the Real in Lucca (Italy) - postponed
May 30 to 31 : screening at Micro Festival in Barcelona (Spain) - postponed
June 30 to August 9 : screenings at FILE Festival in Sao Paulo (Brazil)
August 21 to September 6 : screening at ZuVi (ZukunftVisionen) in Görlitz (Germany)
September 9 to 20 : screening at Proyector in Madrid (Spain)
September 11 to 13 : screening at Ibrida in Forli (Italy)
September 19 : screening at Archishorts in Winnipeg (Canada)
October 2 and 3 : screening at Digital Graffiti in Alys Beach (USA)
October 15 to 25 : screening at MADATAC in Madrid (Spain)

April 16 : Touchdown in article on underrated board games