Fran et Jim
Fran Lejeune and
Jean-Michel Rolland



Fran and Jim are two digital artists based in Marseille, France.
They produce video art, generative art, interactive installations and performances, as well as interactive multimedia books.

produces digital books, paints, creates video artworks and animated digital suclptures.

works in the different fields of digital arts.

News :
April 21 to July 20 : screening at Virtual Museum of the Anthropocene, online
June 4 to 25 : screening at Torrance Art Museum, Peace letters to Ukraine, Torrance (USA)
June 23 to 26 : screening at Croatian One-Minute Film Festival, Pozega (Croatia)
June 25 to July 9 : screening at FONLAD, Coimbra (Portugal)
July 2 to 31 : screenings at Lacuna Festival, Lanzarote (Spain)
July 8 to 30 : screening at Against Violence, WL4 Art Space, Gdansk (Poland)
July 13 to August 28 : screenings at FILE Festival, SESI Gallery of Art, Sao Paulo (Brazil)
July 13 to ? : screenings at goes :art / Channel TV #Post RE:SET@New Future, Vienna (Austria)
July 24 to August 6 : screening at Sidewalk Video Gallery, Foutain Street, Boston (USA)