Fran et Jim
Fran Lejeune and
Jean-Michel Rolland



Fran and Jim are two digital artists based in Marseille, France.
They produce video art, generative art, interactive installations and performances, as well as interactive multimedia books.

designs interactive installations and performances, as well as video art.

works in the different fields of digital arts.

News :
June 1 to December 25 : screening at Web Biennial in Istanbul (Turkey)
October 30 to November 28 : screening at Miami New Media Festival in Miami (USA)
November 5 : screening at Light Year 67, Manhattan Bridge in New York (USA)
November 5 to 28 : screenings at IDKF in Stuttgart (Germany)
November 6 to 29 : screenings at Fünfter Löffel in Berlin (Germany)
November 12 to 15 : screening at Green Ideal at Polytechnic of Turin (Italy)
November 12 to December 12 : screening at Les Instants Vidéo in Marseille (France)
November 19 to 21 : screening at 404 Festival online
November 19 to 22 : screenings at PIKSEL20 in Bergen (Norway)
November 20 to 30 : screening at PLAY Videoarte in Corrientes (Argentina)
November 24 to 28 : screening at FIAV in Casablanca (Morocco) - with Les Instants Vidéo
December 1 to January 15 : screenings at THIS GALLERY, Vanishing, online
December 1 to ? : screening at GLITCH.ART.BR, online
December 3 : screening at Pantalla Rota in San Juan (Argentina)
December 3 to 6 : screening at Unrequited Leisure in Nashville (USA)
January 12 : screening at Galleri CC in Malmö (Sweden)
April 2021 : screenings at Video Arte Faenza in Cuba
May 2021 : screenings at Video Arte Faenza in Colombia
May 14 and 15 : screening at Digital Graffiti in Alys Beach (USA)