Fran et Jim
Fran Lejeune and
Jean-Michel Rolland



Fran and Jim are two digital artists based in Marseille, France.
They produce video art, generative art, interactive installations and performances, as well as interactive multimedia books.

designs interactive installations and performances, as well as video art.

works in the different fields of digital arts.

News :
June 19 to September 29 : screening at Museum of the Moving Image in New York (USA)
June 26 to August 11 : screenings at FILE Festival in SESI Gallery of Art, Sao Paulo (Brazil)
August 8 to 12 : screenings at Open-Air Filmfest Weiterstadt in Weiterstadt (Germany)
September 13 to 15 : screenings at Llawn Festival in Llandudno (UK)
September 13 to 23 : screening at PLAY Semana de Videoarte in Corrientes (Argentina)
September 23 : screening at BIDEODROMO in Bilbao (Spain)
September 29 : screening at DE-CONSTRUKT in Brooklyn (USA)
October 15 to 20 : screening at 28. dokumentART in Neubrandenburg (Germany)
October 24 to 29 : screening at 23rd Ji.hlava in Prague (Czech Republic)
November 9 : screening at Instants Vidéo in Marseilles (France)
November : screening at BINNAR in Vila Nova de Famalicão (Portugal)