Fran et Jim
Fran Lejeune and
Jean-Michel Rolland



Fran et Jim are two contemporary artists working on intermediality, interactivity and transmission of emotions.

designs interactive installations and performances, as well as video art.

works in the different fields of digital arts.

News :
September 1 to 30 : screenings at Inner Space Gallery in Dallas (USA)
September 6 : screening at Media Summer Night in Hilversum (The Netherlands) - The One Minutes
September 15 : installation at Electrofringe in Redfern (Australia)
September 17 to 21 : screening at Bideodromo in Bilbao (Spain)
September 21 to 23 : screening at Wexford Documentary Film Festival (Ireland)
September 22 : screening at The Unseen Festival, Denver (USA)
September 27 to October 7 : screening at Reykjavík International Film Festival (Iceland) - The One Minutes
September 28 to 30 : screening at Facade Video Festival in Plovdid (Bulgaria)
September 29 to November 9 : screenings at The Exchange Gallery in Bloomsburg (USA)
October 10 to 16 : screening at Shanghai Tower (China) - The One Minutes
October 13 to 20 : screening at CineEco in Seia (Portugal)
October 16 to 19 : screening at Intermediaciones in Medellin (Colombia)
October 18 to 28 : screening at Local, 783 rue Saint-Joseph Est, Québec
October 25 to 30 : screening at Ji.hlava in Prague (Czech Republic)
October 25 to November 3 : screening at Joburg Fringe VideoART! in Johannesburg (South Africa)
October 26 to November 25 : screening at Art Museum of Nanjing University of the Arts (AMNUA) (China) - The One Minutes
November 1 : screening at nodoCCS in Caracas (Venezuela)
November 14 : screening at Ecole Supérieure d'Art d'Aix-en-Provence (France) - Instants Vidéo
November : screening at VIDEOFEST2K18 in Mexicali (Mexico)
December 12 to 16 : screening at Alternative Film/Video Festival 2018 in Novi Beograd (Serbia)
December 14 to 16 : screening at FIVA Festival in Buenos Aires (Argentina)

TRACES:BIRDS wins the One Minute Trophy at Festival do Minuto (Brazil)